Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Montreal: Wished for...Got...

a necessary loophole
This is not a bad review.  This is a cautionary tale: Sometimes when we wish for something and settle for something else, it can get real ugly. 

My sister, her friend, Greenthumbs, and I wanted to go to Le Quartier Général.  Like bad. But they were booked.  We didn't know they only had two seatings.  That means book early.

So instead, my sister looked on Urbanspoon and found Chez Victoire Bistro de Quartier on Urbanspoon

It looked promising.

I didn't want to waste such a pretty picture of such a misunderstood ingredient:
Sweetbreads...neither sweet, nor bread
Looks good right?  The scallops too.
Looks are deceiving.
I will only say that I vehemently disagree with the (as of today's date) 90% rating on Urbanspoon.

I acknowledge that I  missed the "fine print" (and there was a sh*t load of fine print) as regards their late night $20 menu.  Which meant that it cost us about $60 per person, with one cocktail.

That brought us to ugly.

And that is why, this:
Montreal Restaurant - Le Quartier Général


is still on my wish list for my next trip to Montreal.

UPDATE: No longer on my wish list.  It was everything I wished for and more.  So much more.

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