Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sugar Lip Gloss by fresh

baby, baby, baby 
:Pricey at $21:

I like fresh.  They're fun.  Their bodycare includes sake and rice, brown sugar, sugar and lemon.  Mmm, tasty.

They also do make-up but I wouldn't call them frontrunners.  I needed new lip gloss so here I am.  It's a little too sticky but conditions well.  The colours are perfectly subtle and they shimmer but not sparkle, because sparkles are for Tinkerbelle.  Are you Tinkerbelle?  I didn't think so.

Warning.  Extreme close up of pout.

Top: Bare | Bottom: Sugar Baby
I read a lot of beauty blogs and fashion mags and you know what I learned?  Lip shots are as uncomfortable as T&A.  Truly...they're awkward, slightly lewd, and too personal.

That's why I gave you a half-pout.  It allows me to maintain my dignity.

I feel so exposed.

But I dig the gloss so I took one for the team.

Like it.

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