Monday, October 31, 2011

Toronto: FRANK at the AGO

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:Dundas and Beverley:

I love Frank Gehry.  He's on my list of people who amaze me. 
I also love Frank Newjiyen.  He's on my list of people who exasperate me.

But we're here to talk about Frank, all caps.  It's inside the AGO and presents exactly as you would imagine.  A contemporary space that's inviting and chic with lots of natural light and modern decor.  I particularly loved the chairs.  They were comfortable and they swivel.  

Frank takes reservations, and that is a bonus considering there are very few places in Toronto that will take reservations for brunch (Boiler House brunch buffet and Hot House brunch buffet are two others. Both of which I love, for the endless food and the live jazz.)

Yesterday afternoon a group of my favouritest friends joined me downtown.  They're the type who don't question the cost of food because they enjoy quality.  Always being "cheap" is a necessity when you're in your 20s.  Always being "cheap" in your 30s is just sad.  My dad once told me (because he thought I was a little too frugal) that a person who is selectively cheap is wise, but those that are wholly cheap are tasteless beggars.  He then followed it up with, "'so you a beggar?'"  Asian sarcasm is always so much more intense.

It's always special when I get a chance to catch up with my favourites.  It puts me in a good mood.  It didn't hurt that it was a lovely fall Sunday.  

Here's our beautiful chow down. 

AGO signature black currant scones
Avec vanilla crème fraîche and housemade preserves
The scones were good, but to be frank, no one has yet to hold a candle to Windsor Arms'.

Minnie had the Croque Madamme.  I am a huge fan of the croque sandwiches, so I took a bite.  It was well-made, but I thought the mustard seed mornay sauce was overpowering.  It might have been better had I not been comparing it to The BEST Croque Monsieur I had in Miami.  Oh, I miss that Miami.

I had the corned beef, bacon and mixed mushroom hash with yukon gold& sweet potatoes, a poached egg, and mushroom jus.  My egg was cooked perfectly.  My buddy's wasn't.  It happens.  Overall, it was delicious.  Smoky and full-flavoured with delicious corned beef and crispy, chewy bacon pieces.

Caveat: The portion was small, especially compared to everyone else's. I felt jipped.

A few people got the braised beef brisket sandwich on red fife sourdough. The only complaint seemed to be the fattiness of the beef.  Brisket is usually a fattier cut, but there seemed to be much more fat than usual.  Note that the ketchup was different.  We tasted it several times, and the general consensus was that there were beets in there.  Beets, neat.
The beef brisket burger smelled amazing.  I think it might have been the apple wood smoked cheddar.  Aerie and her man liked it, but she prefered the flavours of the brisket sandwich. 
And finally, the eggs benedict, because one rarely goes to brunch without someone ordering a benedict.  It was your basic poached eggs, buttermilk biscuits, pemeal bacon and hollandaise sauce. Not outstanding, but good.

The dishes were good.  Nothing was spectacular, and everyone took issue with something - either the portion was too small, it was slightly salty, or a bit too fatty, etc.  

But In the end, we'd all go back.  Frank is a really great space and more than made up for the limitations of its dishes, especially because overall, the food was good and there is nothing wrong with good.
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  1. Hey I just found your blog, and I'm so glad to find a Toronto food lover who also likes beauty products! I've only been to Frank once but I had a really fabulous time. I'm sorry you didn't find the dishes that great, but you're right the space is really lovely.

    Check out my site if you have a chance, I'm new to this whole blogging business and would really appreciate it.


    PS I'm following you now!

  2. oooh my goodness - all of this looks AMAZING.

    gotta get me some study-time comfort food :)

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