Monday, November 21, 2011

Foundation Primers

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A few people have asked me about face/foundation primers.  Specifically, "what does it do?"

Now last week may answer would have been "no idea".   But just because I don't care about something, doesn't mean I won't put in the time to find out.  Now I have the answer.

I consulted my go-to at Holt Renfrew, a random at Sephora, and the Clinique woman at The Bay.  I also Yahoo'd and Google'd

Then it gets even better.  I went out and got myself the "Top 5".  Not my list, I think it was In Style's.  I have a stack of magazine clippings full of useful and useless knowledge.  In the interest of full disclosure, the Laura Mercier one was gifted.  I'm a big Laura Mercier fan and got some perks a month ago. 

Foundation primer is basically a pre-step, which to me implies it's not necessary; unlike powder, which is a required step in order to put your best face forward.
The most straightforward definition of a primer is that is a specific-duty moisturizer.  That specific duty being to fill in pores and lines to create the smoothest surface for your foundation or powder to rest.

Yes, it's that simple.

Is it good for you?  The experts side-stepped the question by saying it's best to use a primer that is free of perservatives and chemicals, oil-free and preferably mineral based. 
My advice, if you use foundation already, then you should absolutely use a primer.  It will create a healthy barrier between your skin and your makeup and increase its longevity.  See below.

If you do not use foundation, then don't.  Just don't.

Hence I will file this post under "Skip it".

But I'm no expert - at least not one that works in beauty.  I prefer to have beauty work for me.
For those that want a primer, let me break down my top 3:
1. Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Foundation Primer
Pricey at $40

It's lightweight and water-based.  I found it glided on my skin and didn't feel heavy.

2.  Smashbox's Photo Finish Hydrating Primer

Pricey at $50 

It's oil free and contains Hydraplex12 extract (derived from desert plants). I liked this a lot because my it absorbed it so well and left my skin super soft.

3.  Bare Escentuals' bareVitamins Prime Time
:Average at $26:

This natural product is jam-packed with plant extracts, antioxidants and vitamins. It was satiny and glided on.

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  1. My favourite is CoverFX sold in Canada.. it works quite well and much better than Tarte which was my original choice but got to be too goopy


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