Saturday, November 26, 2011

Toronto: L'Ouvrier

a worker's love letter
:Dundas + Bathurst:

Another restaurant opened up in hipsterville.  It's unassuming, so unassuming that Aerie and I walked right by it.  We almost got to Clinton when we realized we had gone too far.

Quality Aerie-GG time is not frequent enough so we always make sure to pick a place that will make our taste buds happy.  The last time we got any one-on-one action was Bannock, and that was questionable happiness.  Oh how times have changed, quality Aerie-GG time used to consist of getting completely wasted and tearing up the dance floor like we were the only two b*tches who knew how to dance...sometimes, we were.  It was like rhythm nation but two tiny Asians.

L'Ouvrier means worker, and the restaurant's philosophy has something to do with believing that food is less art and more hard work.  The space used to be an afterhours club, and well, you can tell.  It looks a bit like a pop-up restaurant.  The restaurant stripped everything down and kept the space raw and white except for some noticeable flashes of hot pink - one hot pink table and the aprons the servers wore.  I didn't like the decor, except for these:

Brunch should always be this pretty.
But after some digging, at least now I understand it: A friend, Courtney Wotherspoon, designed the installations for them:

The materials in the baggies are evidently from the reno.
Before I get to the food, I thought I should mention the napkins.  L'Ouvrier gives their patrons dish towel in lieu of napkins.  I don't know about you, but I don't like using dish towels to wipe my mouth or hands - at least not while I'm eating.  They look like your run-of-the-mill dish towel...they smell like them too.  I took a sniff while wiping my mouth.  Bad idea.

Now onto the food, Aerie and I had some quality time laughing over scones:

They were okay.  A little dense and dry. 
The preserve was mango; I would have preferred something else.
Comparing our choices (both served with really well-seasoned, well-cooked french fries):

Aerie's burger ($16) - She liked everything but the crumbling meat.
Fried egg sandwich with house smoked bacon ($13)
I really, really liked this.  The bacon was so good.
The bread was really, really buttery.  My hands were soaking in grease post-sandwich.

That is a perfectly cooked egg.
Yolk spillage.  Beautiful.
It was a lovely brunch.  And we worked off some of the delicious calories by taking a nice stroll through the city.  Quality time is so very precious. 

L'Ouvrier's brunch menu, because by now, you want to know more?  Right? 

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