Monday, November 21, 2011

Toronto: Mother's Dumplings

momma knows child, momma knows

I LOVE DUMPLINGS!  Of course, my mother's dumplings are infinitely better.  But that is because my mother is the best.  There is no one like my mother and thus, there is nothing like her dumplings. You would love my mother too.  She creates happiness in the kitchen.

But this is not about my mother.  This about Zhen's mother, and I like her dumplings.  They're homemade pockets of comfort.  Greasy, but very tasty. 

They moved locations a while back to a shiny and new place right on Spadina, south of College.  Normally I like shiny, but would it be so wrong if I preferred the dingy basement on Huron?  Because I did. 

In any event, they still serve a long list of different dumplings - steamed, boiled, and fried. 

My personal favourites are these babies:

Fried - Pork & Bok Choy - $6.95
My sister LOVED this:

Pancake - Chives & Egg - $5.49
And we all enjoyed these:

Steamed - Juicy Pork Bun - $6.10
If you have a fried dumpling fix.  Go to Mother's Dumplings to squash it.

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