Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Toronto: Smoke's Poutinerie

let them eat poutine


No this is not the first time I'm trying Smoke's.  Smoke's and I go way back - since the first on Adelaide.

It's not the Quebecois poo-tin I love, it's the downright dirrtttty honkey-tonk, smack-ma-face kind.  I love that too.

They've taken the traditional ingredients to great poutine and added calorie crazed ridiculously good toppings like bacon.  I love bacon.  I love bacon so much I think Canada needs a new holiday - National Bacon Day so that friends and family can gather to eat bacon following a moment of silence to remember the pig.

Over the weekend, after a messy but classy night with my sister, we popped into the Smoke's on Bloor.  She had never tried it. 

It was busy in there - they called number 264 when we entered.  We were number 292.  But they were as speedy as could be and apologized for the wait.  I didn't mind the wait.  I forgot about it, right after he passed me my two boxes.

We shared the bacon poutine (shocker):

And the chipotle pulled pork (a personal favourite):

I couldn't tear my sister away from the poutine.  She loved it. 

In the name of bacon.  A-men.

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  1. I'm not a fan of poutine. Too bad since Poutini's is in my 'hood.


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