Friday, November 11, 2011

Toronto: Taquería Burrito Bar


The last time lunch cost me that much was in my high school cafeteria back in 1998.  And it was disgusting when I ate it, which was not often.  I always waited for my friends to give me the nod to proceed.  The nod meant that no one put anything extra in the school's lunch.  Extra being spit, snot, garbage...I mean really, upper middle class kids stuck in a suburbia really have no shame and nothing better to do.  No nod meant I left the line and went to Subway.

There is a kiosk between the Bay-Cumberland and Holt Renfrew Centres. It's subground level, beneath the escalators that bring you to street level where the Swarovski is.  I have smelt it for several months now.  Taquería is not the nicest take-out joint. It has a dishevelled feeling. You order, and then they kind of slop your food together. It's all sitting there - premade, but well made (for fast food).  There really are dirty eats in Yorkville.  

I know it doesn't sound all that appetizing, but imagine my surprise when I get back to my office, turn on the TV (yes, we have a flat screen in our office for personal use) and bite into my taco.  Mmmm, tasty. 

Your choices are: burrito, burrito bowl (for anyone still on the Atkins diet), tacos (hard or soft, I like it hard), salad, or nacho platter.  Then you pick your meat (chicken, beef, pulled pork, pulled beef, fish and shrimp) and toppings (four salsas, cheese, beans, sour cream, lettuce).  All for $5.99 plus tax (and plus $0.75 if you want guacamole.)

I had the hard tacos - shrimp, chicken and pulled beef.  All three were good, but the beef was my least favourite.  A little too chewy/stringy and salty.  The lettuce was crisp (void of brown spots), the tomatoes were fresh, the salsa was flavourful (though spicy is not so spicy), and the cheese smelled and tasted just fine.

Adobe shrimp

But honestly, $6.77 for three full loaded tacos.   I'm really not about to write up some fancy critique.  Don't overanalyze - just eat.  It's cheap.  It's good. 

The only thing that could have made it better was Bana.  She loves Mexican food.

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  1. Thanks, I'll have to try this soon! Have you tried El Trompo in Kensington for Mexican? LOVE their guacemole and pulled pork pineapple tacos.


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