Monday, December 12, 2011

Naked Palette by Urban Decay

i like to get NAKED
:Pricey at $58:

I love this palette on so many levels.  I adore Urban Decay's shadows - they're long-lasting, highly pigmented and easily blendable. Their primer is also easily hands-down one of the best.  Look how sleek, slim and sexy this palette is, yes, that's velvet.  A panel of 12 neutral, sultry shadows wrapped in brown, soft velvet. 

It's not so pricey if you apply my use per dollar formula.  It's the same as my wear per dollar for clothes.  Apply my logic and you'll see that the $60 you shell out for this is well worth it's value because you get 12 versatile, universally-flattering shadows, a mini bottle of primer, and a brush.  It's the same logic I used when I bought my $200 Smythe blouse.  As of today, I've worn that blouse about 40 times.  That's about $5 per wear.  Doesn't that make more sense than the Club Monaco knit top.  It's wear per dollar is $79.  Bought it and wore it once.  Shame.

Back to the sexiness.  Here are the shades in NAKED 1.5:

Version 1.5 has a brush; NAKED 1.0 had a 24/7 liner. 


The added bonus of my purchase is that it's for the jet-setter.  I'm off on holiday in January and this will be coming with me.  It's very travel friendly. 
As far as palettes go, this one is simply irresistable. So much so that you want one too? Do it. Version 2.0 is coming. Everyone should be naked.

Love it.

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  1. I am a huge fan of this palette. I also like Sonia Kashuk's Eye on Colour palette from Target.


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