Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toronto: Hue's Kitchen

who? hue.
:Yonge + Bloor:

Everything is better with Bana. Our impromptu lunch date landed us at Hue's Kitchen.  I had heard it was good.

It is, for what it is; fast, cheap, good food. 

Honourable mention to the rolls - salad and fried.  Both tasty and cheap.  I also need to point out the terrasse, sorry, is lovely and totally unexpected.

At $1.50 I should have ate 10.
 My lunch was the pho, bad choice; butter chicken roti, better choice.

$5.99, what!
Apart from the communication mishap Bana and I experienced with our server, it was an easy lunch: in-eat-out.

Hue's secured a spot on my lunch draw.  And that my friends, is a good thing.

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