Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lash Stash by Sephora

better in bulk
Happy new year! I've missed this, it’s nice to be back. Sorry for the extended delay but I have been crazy busy. I just found my bearings again and have so much to share I could burst. No stomach is about to blow, I’m so full. Last night I was at a gathering of about 20 old faces for two birthdays and the farewell of my BFF. I ate a lot.  I’ll share more later.

So my holiday haul was extra extra. I just kept buying, so expect a lot of product reviews, including all the mascaras in this baby:

Multiple mascaras in one beeeaauutiful. Tear.

I love that Sephora releases this every Christmas. I look forward to it like I used to look forward to Christmas morning.

The smudges are my excited little paw prints...
Love it.  Love them all?  You'll soon find out.

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