Monday, January 30, 2012

Scandal Queen by Fairydrops

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I heard about Fairydrops back in 2009 while I was in Asia.  I am telling you, some of the BEST products come out of the Orient and the world has caught on. 

Fact: The MAJORITY of mascaras do not play nice with Asian eyes.
Fact: This was lost on most people in the industry.
Fact: The industry changes. 
Fact: Change happens.  The proof is in the pudding: Sephora started carrying Fairydrops in February 2011.  (Although admittedly I didn't rush to pick up a tube.  I have stockpiles of MJ and Benefit in my vanity.)

Now imagine the happiness I felt when I open by LashStash and there it was.  What makes Fairdrops so special?  Personally, I think it starts with the bling packaging.

It also the most unique brush I've ever seen:
Three puffs.

Bare lashes

Tada! Fairy-ed.
How she delivered overall:
Water-resistant - check
Lengthening - check
Volumizing - check
Curling power - soso
Longevity - soso

I'm a fan (perhaps not a superone).

Like it.

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