Thursday, January 12, 2012

Toronto: Pantheon


I don't come out this way often enough.  I really should.  There's so much love in Greek food - you have savoury souvlaki, flaky and gooey spanakopita, and cheese flamed with cognac (a personal favourite).  Greek food was my favourite cuisine between 1996 and 1998.  Of course my mother seems to think it still is.   Then again she also thinks Esprit is my favourite store.  I don't fault her, it's us daughters, we change our minds so often and ten times over as we grow and learn about ourselves.  (Actually, it's a little too early in the morning to have this heart-to-heart.)

This past Tuesday night was the birthday gathering for an old "friend".  I use the quotations because in the interest of full disclosure, she and I used to be quite the opposite.  But that was the past.  Today, I enjoying seeing her, she's quite funny.  Fight as children, forgive as adults I say.

There were about 20 of us and we got seated in their "semi-private" room with a fireplace (The fireplace is indeed one of their selling points?!?)

Pantheon is exactly what a family owned restaurant feels like; it even has grumpy grandpa, who, unfortunately, served our table.  Crotchety.  Not exactly the appetizer I wanted for my meal.

Moving on, the dishes were baseline good...some, barely. 

The garides saganaki appetizer was delicious.  But how can you screw up garlic butter sautéed shrimp melted in cheese?  Really, you can't.

 The salad that comes with the souvlaki dinners:

Nothing special, but very fresh.
I asked for pork, but got chicken.  There were 20 of us and it was hectic so I decided to be agreeable and just ate the chicken:

Plate of Mediocrity
Nothing on that plate tasted any better than the Jimmy the Greek I used to eat at the food court (before the Urban Eatery, dirrtttyyy) of the Eaton Centre.  It wasn't as greasy, but I'm not convinced that Pantheon deserves the accoldes I've seen and heard - "best Greek in Toronto".  Those are fighting words and necessarily need to be backed up by knock-me-off-my-feet food.

Oh look, I'm still standing. 

Pantheon did have one saving grace, its tzatziki.  One of the best I've had and it made my night.  The taste just pops and your entire mouth fills with creamy cucumbery garlicky goodness.  I've always thought the best tzatziki should zing.

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  1. The seafood jumbalaya is pretty damn good, and having some mamouhalo waitor butcher the happy birthday song for a buddy is freaking entertaining, HOWEVER yeah - would say this place is great for a low key chill night nothing fancy. Feleesh


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