Thursday, January 19, 2012

Toronto: Real Sports Bar

no love in this club

Don't you love that I can go from eating a $200 meal on a Thursday to munching on footlong hotdogs on the Friday.  It's how I roll.  You want to roll with this.

So, a few weekends ago I rolled into North America's #1 sports bar.  We Torontonians thought it would be superfun to show some out-of-towners Real Sports before the game.

Unfortunately, as soon as I walked in I realized I should have done my due diligence.  It seems sometime in the intervening timeframe since I was last there, Real has turned into a club.  No, not literally, but you wouldn't know that just by walking in. 

My senses were expectedly overstimulated, but my ears, my poor ears - tremendously overwhelmed.  It was so loud the hostess couldn't even hear me.  When I finally made it to the table, my ears were ringing.

I'm not pulling a Debbie Downer, the music was legitamately too loud for a bar; screaming across the table doesn't really work at 6 pm on a weekday. 

Now, other than that, the service was average and the food was tasty.  I especially enjoyed my hot dog:

Footlong goodness of wiener, pulled pork, coleslaw and a bun
(with fries...always with fries)

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  1. I've only been there once when it first opened ... I've tried to go back but there's always a line-up :(


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