Friday, February 17, 2012

Give Me Moor by OPI

:Average at $9:
turn away cause I need you moor

Feeling wintery blues?  Buck up, I just caught a whiff of spring which inspired me to go buy new polish...

Course, inasmuch as I wanted to get bright summery colours, I must still be in winter mode (not that you can't go black in the sun, you can - recall here), because I was drawn to this:

Give Me Moor
Pretty ain't she?  The perfect rich, wine-y, plum.  I also picked up another bottle of Black Onyx...just because it drives my parents insane.  They mutter " look like biker", then they ho-hum and hum-and-ho.  I don't know why dark polish and bracelets make them think I'm going to run off and join a gang.  Immigrant parents, gotta love them.

My final moments of darkness before spring will sprung.
Have a happy weekend...I won't be back until late next week. 

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