Monday, February 27, 2012

Montreal: Le Comme Chez Soi

like home, but definitely not mine

I didn't care for the ambience.  It reminded me of that friend.  Remember that one friend from high school whose home looked the same when you graduated, as it did when you guys were just 5?  Outdated, stale, and musty?  That's what Le Comme Chez Soi feels like - someone's living room or a lumberjack's mancave.  It's adorned with old lamps and home-y furniture.  Kudos for their vision, but I am obviously not their target demographic. 

I loved their open kitchen though.  It's a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel.

In the interest of full disclosure, you should know this was not my first choice.  My sister and I went to Sparrow, but they only have a set menu.  It looked innovative and interesting but I wasn't feeling it, so we left.

My stomach simply had no room for creativity or courses.  It just wanted some eggs and protein.

So we walked a block-and-a-half to Le Comme Chez Soi.  Their menu was simple and predictable.  That was EXACTLY what we were craving.

We shared the benedict and the burger.  I wouldn't have thought to get a burger - except I remember reading about it on Mr. Lew's blog.  It stood out because it`s made with bison.  I like bison - like beef but leaner.

Dried cranberries...who would have thought.
Stealing the idea.

Bison burger with roquefort and bacon
My only complaint is that they treat ketchup like it's a rare commodity.  Our dishes came out with the silver tin only half-full.  Obviously we had to ask for more.  When they brought another tin over, it was even less full.  Now if there's one thing our family could bet our house on, it's the fact that my sister loves ketchup.  So I can only imagine what her inner angry little girl was saying.  She can fool the server, but the smile on her outer peaceful adult woman didn't fool me. 

Even with the lack of ketchup, our brunch was yummy.  A special thumbs up for the homefries - crispy and not greasy.  Everything tasted just as it looked.  And sometimes that's all you can handle on a Sunday afternoon.

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