Sunday, February 26, 2012

Montreal: Le Comptoir

you got your head in the clouds

Le Comptoir is a charcuteries et vins bar, and it's very "happening".  It holds a promising title:
"One of Canada's Best New Restaurants"

I was sadly underwhelmed, but that might have had to do with the mind-blowing meal I had the night before; once you go Quartier, you can't go back.

Our dinner at Le Comptoir was still delicious, but I was neither amazed, nor disappointed. I loved the vibe of the place - laid back yet lively.

The menu is a bit daunting:

So I looked for some help.  When I asked the server what his favourites were or if he could recommend something, he said, "I don't know, that's hard". I disagree.  I think everyone has something to say.  To be passionate about food is to be secure enough to know it and just say your opinion. There is never a wrong answer.  No answer means nothing.

My sister and I decided on the tuna: 

Beautiful plating

It had potential, but with such a beautiful piece of fish I would have thought the dish would shine.  It just flickered.

The short ribs were really good:

As for the charcuterie, it was fine.  But if you had Black Hoof's board in one corner, and Le Comptoir's in the other; the latter would be DOA. 

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