Friday, February 24, 2012

Montreal: le Quartier général

eat pray love

Really, really good food is a spiritual thing.  Really.  So be prepared to be blessed.

One week today I had a holy-er-than-thou meal at the much buzzed about le Quartier général.  There are two things you need to know before we continue.  The first is APPORTEZ VOTRE VIN.  And in Montreal that means no fee-no fuss.  Second, reservations are mandatory.  Seatings at 6 or 9.  We didn't know about reservations so on my last visit I ended up at Victoire.

Note: This post is laden with sexual innuendo.  Don't blame me - I got inspired by Greenthumbs.  He appreciates the orgasmic properties of food - all foodies do.

My sister first heard about Quartier from our hair-god.  He recommended it about six months ago.  And he has wonderful taste in food - recall Les Heritiers

My sister, Greenthumbs and I arrived promptly for our 9 pm reservation - as did everyone else.  I eased past the herd so the server could see me; sheep wait, wolves get seated first.

It is an understated restaurant with beautiful details:

That is le menu du soir and it is ever-changing.  Don't worry if you can't read it or understand French.  Quartier's servers are equipped to describe every delectable detail.  Our server was especially good - she genuinely loves the food. 

And why wouldn't she?  They have so many brilliant dishes to choose from.  We finally settled on three different appetizers, mains, and desserts.  To share is to spread love.
I recommend the table d'hote (set menu) because it's only an additional $12 (onto the price of the main).

This meal had some of the most delicious things I've put in my mouth all year...pause.

Let's begin shall we?  Soup ou salad?

It's odd that I took a photo of the soup. It's not mine.
Greenthumbs had it. He said it was delicious.
I had the salad.  Simple greens in a really delightful dressing.  I asked our server what it was but it was so simple that I forgot.  It was either lemon and oil, or lemon and vinegar.  It was quite ciiiitru-licious.

The appetizers:

Tataki de marlin bleu
Lightly seared fish with sour cream/creme fraiche with a hint of goat cheese, miso-glaze and edamame

Foie gras poēlē (an extra $10)
Creamy bursts of foie and brioche
"Crab Cake"
Perfectly fried crust with a delicate and subtle inside
I love foie, but my favourite was the marlin bleu.  That white creamy sauce was O-mazing.

After a perfectly timed break we were served our mains:
Souris d'agneau
Lamb - not the shank but from the butt - yes...
With barley, really good flavourful barley, not tree-hugger barley

Beef 1855 Tender Loin Medium rare boeuf with 1855 cheese atop perfect mush potatoes
Cod with fennel and cabbage
Light as air but packed with flavour
My favourite?  The lamb...perfection.

These two desserts were okay:

Apple crumble
That shortbread cookie ruined it.  Rock hard.
Abs should be hard, cookies should not.

I don't like cheesecake.

Their vanilla crème brûlée, on the other hand, was magically delicious:
Hallelu, Hallelu, Halleluuuu...iah.

le Quartier général serves something special.  It`s not just the ingredients that matter, it`s what you do with it.  A delicious meal that makes you climax over, and over, and over again.  That's pretty insane.  Get it on.

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