Thursday, February 23, 2012

Montreal: Qing Hua Dumpling

fungry versus fangry

I really wish you could meet my sister and her Vancity girls.  They're true west coast women.  That means they're your beer drinking anti-UGG wearing guy's girl meet bitch in blue jeans.  And they invented fungry and fangry.  Say what now?

Fungry = F*cken hungry; Fangry = F*cking angry hungry

I love it.

So last Saturday my sister and I went from hungry to fangry all because we couldn't find the Chinatown location of Qing Hua.

We finally called them to get the address.  It's at 1019 St. Laurent Blvd., just south of Rue de la Gauchetière above a Korean restaurant called Chez BONG. Lol. You're welcome.

This one is cleaner but service is bad. My sister warned me, but that doesn’t mean I was going to take it lying down.  No, that's why I'm mentioning it here.  In fairness, I get it.  It's not lost on me  that they make the dumplings when you order them.  In fact, three little women are back there stuffing, pinching, steaming, and frying.  But how does that explain the fact I didn't get more napkins when I asked - twice.  I finally went and got them myself.  This made my happy though:
Dumpling cartoon.

Here are our steamed pork and shrimp:

Greasy little pockets of goodness.
Here are our pork and celery - fried for an extra $0.50:

The dumplings are hot, fresh, and tasty, although a little pricey.  They`re not quite like the Shanghai ones I love; the skin is thicker and it's not so much a soup dumpling as it is a dumpling with some soup.

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