Thursday, March 22, 2012

Toronto: Harlem Underground

an afro-affair
:Queen West:

Harlem Underground describes its food as Afro-American/Afro-Carribean with a modern twist.  That's a whole lot of a little somethings.

I had their lunch years ago.  From what I remembered it was flavourful.  I heard their chicken and waffles were delicious so I decided it was time I return.

I met up with Kitty and Aerie for a brunch date on a warm, but cloudy Saturday.  I have to say we three stuck out amongst the tattooed jeans-and-T hipsters, inasmuch as Kitty is more Chanel, Aerie is more X3 and me?  Well my jeans are Joe's and my T is Splendid.  Just sayin.  Hipster or not, the joint is casual and comfortable.  That is if you're not seated next to the LOUDEST four-some ever.  The table next to us was four hipsters yelling at the top of their lungs and laughing like mad cows on ebola milk; that much ruckus isn't meant for public on a Saturday afternoon.

So although our Saturday didn't start the way I would have hoped, the four-some left just as our food arrived. 

Kitty had the Crab Avocado Benny sans hollandaise:

We all agreed there was a serious lack of crab.  If you can't smell it, see it or taste it, is it really there?  Hipster waitress A insisted there was crab without even looking at the dish.  Her dismissiveness was balanced out by Hipster waitress B who agreed with us.  Only she came back from the kitchen saying the chef insisted there was crab but could "give us more" if we wanted.  Kitty declined. 

Aerie had the Harlem Benny - poached eggs served with chili-garlic greens, atop a sausage and grits, and a flap jack with cheesy hollandaise:

I of course had the chick-n-waff.  It came with scotch bonet-corriander lime syrup and gravy sauce.  The sauces were yum, but the chick-n-waffs didn't compare to Stockyards.  Not even close. 

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