Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lips by Bite & Skincare by Somerville

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My apologies.  It took a few people nagging on me to realize that I have really been remiss in posting my beauty buys.  Oopsiedaisy.  I have about a hundred excuses, none of which I'm sure you care a lot about.  Although your complaints are well-intended, I've been really happy with my skincare regimen and my makeup.  Which isn't to say I haven't been accumulating more products.  I have.  My little box of stuff has turned into a one tonne crate.  I'm trying to get through everything, but it's not so easy.
I mean I wasn't joking when I said the beauty world is over-saturated.  Not that that is a bad thing.

Let's just let bygones be bygones.  I'm isn't that what counts?

I will be rapidly posting some of the best and worst of the 1% I've managed to get through.

The best news I have to give you is that Kate Somerville and Bite are now both available in Canada.

Oh glowing hearts!

I like Kate for a few reasons.  I dig her simple packaging.  I also dig that she's considered an expert in addressing aging skin issues. 

Coolest dispenser ever.  It's high-techness for your face.
It absorbs quickly and let's me target my forehead wrinkles.
I don't fear them.  I just worry that if I do nothing about them I may start to look like a sharpei. 
Sharpeis are cute.  If you bark.
I like Bite because it's food-grade, and shouldn't anything that touches your lips be?  They didn't sacrifice colour either; they have a large selection of lipsticks and glosses.  Ever since Dr. Oz talked about them, mini-van moms and yummy mommys have been the reason they're flying off the shelf.

Sleek and chic.
I know what you're wondering now...where in Canada?  Why Sephora.  Where else, right.

Love it.


  1. Hi! I'm so glad Kate Somerville is in Toronto. Do you know which Sephora store in Toronto carries it? Thank you so much!

  2. Hi there! Yes, Sephora on Bloor Street. They have a wide range of Kate goodies :)


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