Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clear Improvement Mask by Origins

back to black
:Average at $26:

I got turned off my black masks because they seem so gimmicky.  Even moreso after Boscia.  A year-and-a-half later and it still annoys me that it was annoying to pick that crap off my face.

My favourite mask at this very moment is the same as it was about six months ago, when I hand-delivered it to Greenthumbs, as per his request.  It made his face angelic.

So I bought it for myself.  It was pricey.  But it makes my skin glow.  Course I look more like a cherub, but that's because my genes armed with fat cheeks.  I'd like to blame my parents, but I can't because their DNA also gave me with babybutt skin.  Anyway, I'll tell you what IT is another day.  Girl can keep a secret a little while longer.

I can, however, share another great mask.  I did it last night.  This afternoon my complexion is still very clear and bright.  See:

Origins Clear Improvement uses activated charcoal and white china clay to draw out debris in your pores and absorb environmental toxins, respectively.  It sounds so effective - likely because it is.  If you read my early posts, you'll remember I love charcoal.  I still use this stuff.  It's stockpiled in my bathroom vanity. 

5 minutes elapsed

It's black and goes on smooth, and dries tight, real tight.  I could barely move my face.  It's annoying to remove with just your hand, so use a wet warm towel to help it along.

My skin looked clean.  It felt clean.  I wonder how much crap was on my face?  Knowing me, a lot.  I accumulate crap wherever I go in everything I do.

But look at me now, oh.

Like it.


  1. I am absolutely dying to know your favourite mask. Girl, how long you gonna keep your secret? Pffft. Sharing is caring.

    1. Alicia...I have a few tried-tested-and-true: and fresh's black tea


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