Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lash Stash Fails

:LashStash buy:
I'm that 25%

During the holidays I got my LashStash.

I then immediately told you that I liked Fairydrops, LashGasm, and Gifted.

Then nothing.


Why? Because everything else in there fell short. I know I'm in the 25% because the majority loved everything in the box. But I'll put it to you like this. The other mascaras in there are for girls who still wear TNA pants tucked into UGGs.

That needs to be banned.

I need more. Actually I demand more because there are mascaras that do it all. Remember this and this. Yes, they're still my favourites and yes I still buy them, use them, and love them.
No thanks, pass.


You get the picture...there were many more.

Finding a good mascara is very much like finding a good man. You don't know until you try, and even then, you need to give it a couple weeks. That's how long it takes to dig deep. Some come in slick packaging, others are shiny, some are matte and simple...

Whatever catches your eye you still need to wear the sh*t out of it to see if it delivers, remains consistent, does what it says it will, doesn't disappoint, can withstand the elements, and lastly, doesn't flake or leave crap behind.

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