Thursday, April 12, 2012

Toronto: Cool Hand Luc

:King West:

I don't not like ice cream.  I'm just not unparticular. 

It started as a child.  My mother says I was an extremely picky and very particular eater.  It has gotten better with age, but I am still really, really weird about my ice cream.  My people laugh because they know that technically I don't like ice cream, but I will enjoy CERTAIN ones.

For example:
  • Baskin Robins' Jamoca Almond Fudge.  My 'go-to' since I was about 12.
  • Greg's Roasted Marshmallow.  I love burnt marshmallows to the point I will start a fire in my backyard and get roasting.
  • Bilboquet's Coconut.  I used to detest coconut.  Following my trip to Cuba in 2006 that all changed.
  • Dairy Queen's Banana Split Blizzard.  Newly added in 2011.  It's a something different treat.
Now we are adding a fifth to that list: Cool Hand Luc's Maple Walnut.

I love ice cream!
 A lip-smacking blend of maple ice cream and lots of walnuts.  Heavenly.

Minnie got Heavenly Hash:

I hate ice cream.
 Luc is a welcoming cute joint with a side of smiles:

But Luc is also expensive, then again, look where you are.  King West.  That's what happens when familar things get big citied. 

I don't mind.  I totally didn't dislike that ice cream.

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