Sunday, April 1, 2012

Toronto: Grand Electric

fiesta in your face

I heard.  I went. I loved.

Grand Electric has been busy.  I heard it was a two-hour wait.  It wasn't.  It was about 30 minutes.  (FYI: No reservations, but you can leave your name and number and the hostess will add you to her already burgeoning list.  Be patient or stay home.)

Last week I was craving me some Mexican - might have something to do with all those annoying Old El Paso commercials.  Anyway...I decided to do something about it so I asked Dream Team if they'd be interested in going with me after work on Thursday.  It opens at 6 (six nights a week; closed Tuesdays) so we figured we'd get there before and wait.  Of course Dream Team said yes, because they are none other than Cracker and The Scotsman - and these two do food like I do.

Dream Team headed over and were in line by the time I arrived.  It's a longer trek for me so I didn't get to Parkdale until about 5:45 pm.  Doors opened at 6 and we were the fifth party seated.

GE is very chill.  That's the best way to describe it.  It's the kind of joint where you can walk in, get fed, drink up and go home...happy.  It's what I like to call a P-spot: Personal-Pleasant-Poppin' - as in the music.

So there's a lot you can learn about GE if you care.  Who's behind it, what they're doing and why, etc.  I'm not here for that.  I'm only here for the food.
And the drinks.  GE has fantastic drinks, such as a bourbon sour:

Egg white foam and a kick of pepper
GE's food is really tasty Mexican fare.  Quality ingredients brought together into familiar, authentic flavours, but kicked up a knotch.
Beef crudo tostada - beef tartare, peanuts, mint

Tuna ceviche: perfect zing, lots of zest, and lovely fish
Special: Queso fundido - chorizo, cheese, egg
Not as good as it sounded.
Their tacos are $3.50 and worth EVERY penny, and a high 5.

Baja Fish

Beef Cheek

Pork Belly

The baja fish taco made my list of best fish tacos.  Of the three we tried, it was my favourite.  It was also The Scotsman's favourite, and Cracker's favourite.  Three people can't be wrong.
We ended on a sweet note - the key lime one was really, really good.  The chocolate-pecan thing was okay.  I don't like chocolate, but I do love praline pecans.  We should have got two of the key lime...perhaps three.  I didn't like sharing.

I really want you all to eat here, and not because it's "hip".  When I eat out, I want to enjoy the company with whom I'm eating. Enjoy the place I'm doing the eating. And of course, really love what I'm eating, and after all is said and done, like the price I paid.  Anything else people say is just a whole lot of hoopla I don't remember.  I think one of GE's owners said it best. "'We are restaurant workers. We’re serving you food and getting you drunk.'"  Oh, high 5 there buddy.  

So, for as long as GE keeps it real, there will be a lot of happy eaters.  I just wish it wasn't so far.  I also wish they'd open up a taco stand closer to the downtown core so that me and my lil' two feet could step on by and pick up, oh I don't know, perhaps ten?  Ya, ten  tacos sounds about right. 
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  1. Though it's in my 'hood, we still haven't been there yet.

  2. As I'm reading more blog review of GE, the more I'm convinced to go! I'm very picky with my Mexican, esp. with fish tacos. Haven't found a fish taco that I truly loved...could this be the one? Expectations run high...Uh-oh.

    1. Jen would love to know what you thought...expectations are dangerous, but a good taco is a good taco, non? I hope you come back and say it was a dang good taco :)


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