Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toronto: Nadège Patisserie

in full bloom


Happy Easter - I hope it's full of mini eggs and bubbles - mine will be.  This weekend is what I regard as the official first day of spring.  And next to fall, it's my favourite season.  Last year's spring wasn't so.  I had to contend with some crazies.  A year has since passed and the crazies have fallen by the wayside, leaving my world back to only being full of rosies and posies.  FYI, I don't invite these crazies in, they just let themselves in.  They're the type of women who are bothered by my existence because as they put it "I make them feel inferior".  So they blame me for their "issues" and lash out.  I simply bow out.

It was recently pointed out to me that a year later these crazies still have problems.  Well, duh.  I think the catch-22 is lost on them.  All their negativity reaffirms their inferiority.  Class and grace cannot be taught.

That is my holiday anecdote.  Remember, Easter should be a time of reflection - use it wisely.

It's also a time for pastels and pretty-ness - like high tea, scones, cupcakes, and macarons. 

Last week, as the Dream Team and I were walking back from GE, I saw Nadège, and it beckoned.  It really, really wanted me to come in and look at it's pretty display:

I heard their croissants and macarons are perhaps in 'the best of the city'.  Here is my little one:

Salted Caramel
She's precious.  She also tasted delicious, but a bit chewy.

I would say she was one of the better macarons I've had in Toronto.  Course I'm not a macaron expert because I don't really get the whole fascination.  To me, it's just flavoured egg whites.  I'd give a box to the crazies, I mean nothing warms the heart like sugar, right?

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