Friday, April 13, 2012

Toronto: Yours Truly

one of everything

You hear it, and it's an eye-roller.  But you see it, and it's quite the heart-warmer. 

Yours Truly has one of the nicest bars I've seen in a while - rustic and stylish and of course, fully stocked.  The concrete tables and copper drop lights are urban accents one might expect to find in a hip resto-bar.  And at about 9, true to form, the lights turn down low and the music goes up.

I find Yours Truly's story endearing so I'll tell you a bit about it.  It was going to be a "snack bar" until the owners hired Jeff Claudio (off of Craigs List by the way).  Claudio has worked at some of the world's most notable restaurants, one of which (Rockpool) I will be trying in a few months (can't wait).

Their menus are ever-changing, but there are only three.  Two set (veggie and not) and one snack.

April 8, 2012
Of all the things I loved about Yours Truly, the most notable was who brought us our food - their chefs.  That's correct - they make it and then bring it to your table to walk you through it.  Love that.

Last Sunday my sister and I met up with The Scotsman and Venus to grab a drink and sample the snacks.  A lot of the menu is more preparation than cooking, but either way, food boils down to concept.  The chef has an idea and he brings it to fruition.  I would describe it as a gastronomical pub with classic charm and molecular whimsy.  Some of the ideas weren't innovative, others were, but every one was presented beautifully, and tasted near perfect.

The four of us joked that we should just get one of everything.  But you know it's not a joke if you actually do it...and we did:
Deviled Eggs. Sriracha , furikake, sesame.  The srirachi was a dollop of genius.

Salt Cod. Inari, kewpie, nori, rice.  My favourite things in one bite.

Thuet Bread with whipped duck fat and crispy shallots.  Cutest presentation ever. Duck. Fat. OMG.  (Wished there had been more shallots.)

Monforte Cheese with osprey bluffs honey.  Melts in your mouth.

Salmon Sashimi. Sour apple, white soy mustard, shaved foie gras.  I would like to squirt white soy mustard on everything.

Rice Pudding.  While I'm usually not a fan, this one was really delicious.

I just checked their menu today.  They have a chinese pork rice bowl and a behirir moroccan pancake.  They're calling me. 

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