Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vancouver: Sushi House II

don't disturb the animals
I will be very sporadic over the next several months.  Life just dealt me a bad hand.  But my parents taught me to embrace the bad as heartily as you would the good.  So, like the dutiful daughter of any immigrant family, I listen.  Please standby.

I was in Vancouver last week.  Amidst the sh*t I had some good eats because I like to eat my feelings.  I also met up a few good distractions.

One particular eat only cost me $1.25.  That is until I ate like five:

Aburi (something) sushi.  Sushi passed over a flame. 

I've always liked Sushi House.  It's a family go-to for easy, cheap sushi eats - recall here

It was perfect.  And for the minute it took me to eat it, life was okay again.

Then it slapped me across the face.

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