Thursday, June 7, 2012

Toronto: Wow! Sushi

Shut up...
:Yonge + Charles:

Things are still very up-in-the-air...I am on-edge...nothing is certain...except - great friends.  And trust me, if you think you have more than 5 - you are dumb. 

Yay to the food. Ewww to the font and design.

My gooder friend Minnie and I needed an edible pick-me-up...mostly because lately it just seems like she wants to cheer me up...I wanted to try Wow! since a friend posted pictures.  Of course after 14 or so years in Toronto I never expect anything from sushi and except paying way to much for substandard sh*t.

Now wait, before you angry Torontonians sling your insults, be damn sure you know what you're talking about more than I do.  Right, you don' let me continue:

The biggest problem with sushi in Toronto is the rice and the way the sushi is crafted, not necessarily the fish.  I get that it costs more due to geography.  But let's not get into a Toronto sushi debate - you'd lose.  Never mess with the girl on edge.

Wow! is charming.  Friendly and oh so Japanese.  We ordered one of my all-time favourite japanese dishes:
Agedashi Tofu
Delicious - the first time in Toronto I didn't want to spit it out.
Wasn't exactly like home, but reminiscent.
Then we shared the sushi boat:

Wow! Sushi was shut the *bleep* up surprising.  I loved it.  The makis were well-rolled, the perfect size (not a giant wad of bad sushi rice and tasteless fish).  The rice was good, proper versus offensive.  The maki/nigiri were well-adorned with other tasty tidbits.  I loved the Japango roll and the spicy tuna (a really amazing, spicy, slightly creamy sauce, not a dollop of sirrachia like they do down on Bloor).

Calapilla Roll
Don't know if they meant Caterpillar
Don't care.  It's funny.
The nigiri made this BC girl proud.  My favourite was the albacore tuna (with a little roasted garlic oil) and the sea bream from Greece (lightly torched to be smoky and sexy), and the butter fish, and so on and so forth...

It was more than decent and I truly hope it stays that way.  (After all, Toronto has a way of wearing down restaurants the way they do people.) 

The small sushi boat is 24 rolls + 16 sushi for $45.  Exactly - amazing and cheap.  WOW!  The ultimate test will be what my sister thinks.  She's the hardest-to-please audience when it comes to sushi. 

As for me, I swear I have never been more impressed (in Toronto).  Makes me want to eat my words about never being able to find decent sushi here. 

Words.  Eaten.

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