Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Montreal: Grumman '78

taco! v. taco.
  :Ste-Catherine + Guy:

While food trucks keep fighting the good fight to get themselves established in Canadian cities, places like Grumman'78 are finding more permatemp solutions.

Grumman opened up a location at the infamously dirty Faubourg. It just so happened I was heading there for some Thai.

My sister and I decided to check out the tacos because we've read the hype and heard all the fuss.

Note that I love me a proper taco. A really good taco makes me throw down of these !

Grumman's taco got a .

Still confused?  Let me clarify: I felt oooohh!!!! Then took a bite and went oh.

It was good but by no means special.  We tried the beef belly taco ($5) and their best-selling pork banh mi taco ($4). Both were overflowing with flavour and meat, but it was all too anti-climactic.

Do you think they know that banh mi means bread?
So they're serving bread taco?
Change the name, and change it now.
I may have liked it better if it wasn't so pricey. I may have liked it better if I hadn't tried BMB in Toronto recently. I may have liked it better if I didn't compare it to Grand Electric's tacos. That's one too many "I may haves" to chew on.

Call me cheap, but the two tacos, no matter how generously stuffed they were, didn't make me forget I spent $10!

Right punctuation, wrong thing to accentuate.
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