Friday, August 3, 2012

Toronto: Carens Wine and Cheese Bar

buried treasure

I walk by Carens everyday on my way to work.  It caught my eye because it says wine and cheese bar.  Two of my most favourite things.

I never thought to go because I'm not a huge fan of restos in Yorkie.  But Kitty posted about Carens on her Facebook.  So it caught my interest again and held it, at least until I finally went.


And that is saying a lot.  Spoke Club's patio has long been a favourite.  Their food sucks, but their drinks are amazing and the patio is one of the best in the city.  Until now.

Carens takes the show.  Walking to the back was the biggest surprise ever.  I literally felt like I won a game show.  Only share this hidden treasure with people who can respect a hideaway in the hectic hustle.  Those who hustle, need a little piece of heaven to relax.  Let's not start filling it up with the DBs that go to Earls or Amber.  Please.  I beg you.

Carens is class.  Great wine, impecable cheese, and pass-able mains.  

Kitty and I shared the Okanagan pinot.  BC wine is my favourite.

She had the crab cakes, while I had the baked brie.

Kitty's crab cakes were okay.

My brie and phyllo was off-the-charts. I loved it.
I had the stilton burger, and she had the special.

The special was black cod.  I am a black cod snob so this black cod did not work for me. Slightly fishy with a side of bland Israeli couscous.

My burger was good, but heavy - my choice of course - stilton, 10 ounces of beef, sauteed mushrooms, and an onion bun.  And of course I paired mine with potato gratin.  In retrospect, perhaps I should have gotten the salad.

Regardless, our meal was well-balanced enough.  While it wasn't amazing, the service (which was great) and the ambiene more than made up for any lack lustre food moments.  I'm going back.  And this time I will leave room for dessert - it's all made in-house.  I love that.

Be honoured I'm sharing my treasure with you.  I feel like there's enough to go around.

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  1. Have always wanted to make a trip here! Sounds lovely...would love to come here soon! Thanks for sharing!!!

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