Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Toronto: Boehmer

one saving grace

It was supposed to be a fantastic threesome night out, but The Scotsman got stuck at work. So Cracker and I headed to Ossington without him for our final Toronto hoorah. It was a cold night but that didn't stop us from freezing our derriers since we couldn't decide between Union, Delux, and Boehmer.  The latter won simply because it was the only one both Cracker and I hadn't tried.

Long story short: Boehmer's service failed at every instance.  But the delicious entrees saved it enough to make it blogworthy.

Want the short story long?  Read on.

Service was clearly a reflection of inexperienced staff.  That's good for the restaurant because it's fix-able with some direction and constructive criticism.  Our  particular server failed to take away the wine glass from our very cramped table when I said I wasn't drinking. We selected our three choices for the Harvest Menu only to be told that our item was no longer available.  We finished ordering only to have her return five minutes later to tell us one of the mains was no longer available.  Advising the customer that a menu item is no longer available post-decision is bad service. It should not happen -- much less twice.  Adding insult to injury, the food took longer than necessary.

I was hangry by the time the Harvest Plate arrived, but that didn't influence how I felt about it.  It was elementary - nothing spectacular about it.  Had they had our original choices, I might be singing a different tune.

The white crostinis were good - crisp and chewy. 

But again, in the end, the mains were good enough to raise Boehmer above the above:

BC Black Cod $29 - creamy and delicate.
Grilled Hangar Steak $26 - well seasoned, perfectly cooked and surprisingly easy to chew.

A side of delectable lobster mash (though a touch too salty.)
and some of the best kale I've had.

I would go back, but Boehmer's off the Ossington short list.
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