Monday, October 15, 2012

Toronto: Guu Izakaya


This is the first of the last of my Toronto posts.  But not to worry, when one chapter closes, a new one must be written. 

For now, gew on this.  I thought it fitting to visit the first Toronto Guu before I head back to origins of Guu.  I liked the Sakabar, and the Izakaya was comparable.  Of course you should know I go to Guu for the cocktails, not the food.

The same thing that annoys  me about all Guus annoyed me - the incessant yelling - but that's no one's fault, I just happen to be more grandma than I look.

My three buddies and I knew better so we went at 6:00 pm.  Great timing, a minute wait and then our insane meal began.  I think we ordered one of everything, including the deluxe size almond tofu.  Here's a random sample of our meal, enjoy, don't forget to wipe the drool:
Ebi mayo
Scallop wrapped in bacon
Unagi rice

THE BEST - baked oyster

Fried brie
All in all it was good.  Not everything was amazing, but nothing is horrible.  We might have overdosed on the fried items and the risk in doing so is that everything starts to taste the same.  Again, VanGuu > TOGuu...I suppose it's a good thing I'm going TO > Van

We shared the giant size amond tofu - surprisingly yummy.  I don't usually like tofu desserts, but the almond flavour was subtle and the texture of the tofu was heavenly.

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  1. We had a Tuesday night dinner at Guu last year when we stopped by Toronto. I don't like to wait for food but my little one wants Japanese food badly and I heard this is the only decent Japanese food in the town and it was walking distance from hotel. We were waiting on line a little more than one hour. I got to say maybe it's the wait and maybe we expected too much. Food here is really just mediocre.

  2. Leer's World....Guu is hit or miss. Next time try Wow sushi or Kingyo :) sad to hear you had to wait an hour-that's no fun and your little one must have been hungry!

  3. We live in NYC and we have tons of choices for Izakaya. Guu is really just mediocre. We are heading to Montreal next month for the nonstop food tour. I can't wait. Montreal is my favorite Canadian city after visiting the 3 major cities (Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto). Vancouver got excellent Asian food but horrible unfriendly city for tourists. Montreal is warm, cozy and really cute. This will be our 8th time to visit there. I booked La Chronique and Le Quartier General for two days and still look for some new restaurants. Chuck Hughe's two new restaurants look promising. Do you have any recommendations?
    Your blog is lovely! Great information. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Hughes' restaurants are both good - not mind blowing, especially if you're from NYC where your baseline is higher. Of the two, I liked Le Bremner better :)


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