Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Toronto: Harbour Sixty Steak House

girl meets steak
:Harbour Street:

I have an intense and passionate relationship with steak. I love it.

What's a girl to do then when her time is up and she hasn't tried all the steakhouses.  Simple, she turns to her friends to help her narrow down the field.

Sidebar: Of the ones I have tried, I loved House of Chan.  I like Ruth's Chris  and I enjoy  mainstream joints like the Keg and Canyon Creek.  I'm not a fan of Morton's or Le Biftheque.

My shortlist was Jacobs, Ruby Watch Co, Barberians and Harbour Sixty.  I surveyed 100 Facebook friends and Harbour Sixty won the majority by 1 vote, Barberians was second and Jacobs was third.  I nixed the latter since most people raved about the table caesar.  Greens are secondary to me.

Minnie and I headed to Harbour Sixty on my Final Friday (in Toronto), and it couldn't have been a more perfect finale.  I'd go back for an encore if I could.

It was one of the best meals I've had - starting with the impeccable service.  Comfortable, not stiff; polite, not awkward; attentive, not over-bearing; and professional, not pretentious.

It was classic steakhouse sides and perfectly made-to-order steak in a classy but relaxed venue.

I feel the tears brewing as I reminisce.  I'll take a moment while you reflect on this:

Golden Beet Salad $15
Seared Ahi Tuna $20
Rib-eye bone-out

A little something sweet to cap off the gluttony:

And finally, coffee.  The beauty of this layout captures everything I loved about the meal.  It's always about the details.  It's not just a cappuccino, it's presentation.

 A beautiful goodbye to the big, big city.

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