Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vancouver: Goldies

pizza fix

I'm job hunting.  Actually that's inaccurate.  Hunting implies I'm pursuing a living entity.  Maybe I should coin the phrase, I'm job gathering and boss hunting.  Perhaps I should start a fire in my cave later, it's surprisingly cold here in Vancouver.

I took a break in search of food, and to stretch my legs. Looking for work can be demoralizing and exhausting, but pizza fixes all.  So I found myself walking to Gastown to visit Goldies.  My sister has not stopped talking about this place, and she's the quiet one?!?  I figured there must be something there.

It doesn't stick out.  In fact, I completely missed the takeout window.  But it was cold so I opted to sit inside.

I had a slice of Hawaiian.  Then a slice of Mushroom Lovers.  Then Pepperoni.

That is correct.  I ate three slices.

The pizza is pretty phenomenal.  The thin crust is perfect and the toppings are all in harmony.  It really is "'carefully crafted pizzas'".

I'm a big fan.  I was also a fan of the price and the service.

I think that means I'll be back.  Likely tomorrow before the afternoon harvest.

Sidebar: The pizza is discounted between 2:30 and 4:30 Monday to Thursdays.

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