Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vancouver: Six Acres

i see plaid

I've only been in Vancouver a short while now and it seems like there are different fashion circles here than there (i.e. Toronto).  I don't see as many hipsters.  I do see a lot of guys with beards and/or staches sporting the whole disheveled hair thing, but instead of pairing all that with skinny and/or rolled/cropped jeans/pants, they're wearing loose Ts and plaid.  What is that called?  I suppose labels aren't necessary, it's more me sharing a random observation.

I saw a whole gang of these guys at Six Acres.  The crowd was mixed in that there were several random cute couples, a group of business co-workers, and a handful of annoyingly loud Hunter-boot wearing Asians. (I being Asian can call them annoying.  It's kettle black).  

From the outside looking in, it seems like a random pub that serves baseline eats.  Never judge when you're on the outs.  It's worth knowing what they're serving because it is beyond pub eats.  It's really good.  

The menu is bound in old children's books.  The menu items themselves are sharing plates. This all makes for a cozy place to hang in good company:

House fries $5.75
Drizzled with homemade ketchup and aioli
Classic sliders $10.75 plus cheese (always plus cheese)
Juicy organic beef, tomato, butter lettuce, onion jam, aioli and homemade ketchup
Easy on the wallet, amazing on the palate, gone from the plate.

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