Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Montreal: Grumman '78

taco! v. taco.
  :Ste-Catherine + Guy:

While food trucks keep fighting the good fight to get themselves established in Canadian cities, places like Grumman'78 are finding more permatemp solutions.

Grumman opened up a location at the infamously dirty Faubourg. It just so happened I was heading there for some Thai.

My sister and I decided to check out the tacos because we've read the hype and heard all the fuss.

Note that I love me a proper taco. A really good taco makes me throw down of these !

Grumman's taco got a .

Still confused?  Let me clarify: I felt oooohh!!!! Then took a bite and went oh.

It was good but by no means special.  We tried the beef belly taco ($5) and their best-selling pork banh mi taco ($4). Both were overflowing with flavour and meat, but it was all too anti-climactic.

Do you think they know that banh mi means bread?
So they're serving bread taco?
Change the name, and change it now.
I may have liked it better if it wasn't so pricey. I may have liked it better if I hadn't tried BMB in Toronto recently. I may have liked it better if I didn't compare it to Grand Electric's tacos. That's one too many "I may haves" to chew on.

Call me cheap, but the two tacos, no matter how generously stuffed they were, didn't make me forget I spent $10!

Right punctuation, wrong thing to accentuate.
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Kensington Caviar Topcoat by Nails Inc

british invasion
:Cheap at $12:

Nails Inc. arrived at Sephora a while back.  I love their colours, especially the bright bubble-gummy ones. 

Their topcoat caught my attention.  It promises rapid dry salon-quality shine.  I like rapid.  I like shine. 

My middle nail still looks dirty.
Must be karma for dishing out the middle finger this weekend. 
I ran into a douchebag and had to throw one down.
I timed it - not exactly dry to touch in 45 seconds, more like 100 seconds, but I'm okay with that because it was the best topcoat I've found to date.

My nails were ridiculously shiny.  They stayed shiny.  For weeks.
If you love yourself, you will care for your fingers and toes.  Beauty is in the details.
Love it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Montreal: Main

:St. Laurent:

You could stand in line at Schwartz, but now that it's been privately bought, I'm not sure how I feel about doing that. Course I've had a lot of Schwartz in my time. A lot a lot.

It will always have a nostalgic hold on my heart, but sometimes I just want a bite of smoked meat. Not a whole sandwich, just a few bites. And I don't want to stand in a crowded line of annoying sight-see-ers.

So I look across the street.  Main has been around a while. It's guilty of having used one of the worst fonts ever, but this isn't fontology.

It's famous in it's own right. A longstanding old fashioned deli serving solid smoked meat. In fact, they've probably served the same food, the same way, for a long time. And why shouldn't they?  Repeat history if it tastes good.

My sister thought of Main because she recently saw it on the Food Network's "You gotta eat here". Well, then we gotta. We popped in for a quick lunch as we scoffed at the line of tourists waiting at Schwartz.

Service was friendly.

Main is evidently famous for its potato latkes. I'm so sorry, but I will pass on these. I prefer my latkes less dense. These felt more like heavy floury potato patties. And sadly they were a little too charred for my liking. But then again, sour cream masks everything, including burned bits.
Of course the main event was the Main Super Poutine. While pricey at $10 plus, it was o.mazing. You take good old fashioned french fries, a lot of Quebec cheese curds, gravy and then throw on slices of smoked meat and you get big bites of yummy.

One-out-of-two is good. The fact that we ate that and rolled out to see the line across the street had barely moved, well that's just gooder.

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