Monday, January 28, 2013

Vancouver: Cafe Zen on Yew

what’s in a name

Did you read my thoughts on La Brasserie?  If not, please do, so you can meet Leroy.  He is why this post exists.

Kits.  I remember loving this place.  Funny how 15 years later, I still do.  And there, just a few blocks from the beach is a cute café, Cafe Zen on Yew to be exact.

It was busy, but we beat the line.  They have a long list of eggs bennies, but I haven’t even gotten to the best part.  You can MIX and MATCH them.  Variety is SO the spice of my life.

My sister and I shared one Benjamine (bacon) and one Flo (spinach and ham).  

Both delicious and the hollandaise – creamy with the right amount of tang and the perfect consistency.  I wouldn’t want my eggs smothered any other way.  The homefries were surprisingly not greasy – always a bonus when you’re brunching.

We also shared the blueberry pancakes which I wasn’t a fan of.  Too much flat, not enough fluff.  And most definitely didn’t hold a candle to my favourite.  I can’t help but compare as I’m going through serious Toronto withdrawal.

The vibe of Zen is laid back, and very weekend afternoon – chill, eat, talk, drink coffee and move at your own pace, in your own time.  

Zen, by any other name would taste as good.

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