Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vancouver: Dinesty Chinese Restaurant

intentional typo, parhaps

They say Richmond is home to some of the best Chinese cuisine, more accurately they say given that the demographic is 65 percent Asian and 45% of Chinese ancestry it is “renowned” for that.  Now, let’s forget they have copy edit error (percent, then %), and the fact I didn’t even make the shortlist for the winning blogger (lol), and just settle on the fact I still don’t know what they’re talking about.  I have yet to find these places they speak of.  If you know where I should be eating, please direct me there.

Dinesty had great reviews.  I thought it was alright. Does it fall under “the best”, no.  It fell way under that.  But I understand why it's busy.  It's good...enough.

We waited about 20 minutes for a table, but they do take reservations. My mistake for not making one.

The XLB here beat the XLB at Shanghai River:

The beef pancake roll was good, but got demoted to okay since I just had Peaceful Restaurant.  Life is relative, so then is food.

The shanghai noodles were good.  We always get them because Momma GG likes her some shanghai noodles. 

My final assessment is that Dinesty is better than ‘your average Chinese restaurant’ in terms of taste, cleanliness and service, but restaurants like Dinesty are a dime a dozen.  I want just better.

N.B. They are opening one on Robson Street.

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