Friday, January 11, 2013

Vancouver: Finch's Tea & Coffee House

baskets of baguettes

Vintage look, fancy flavours
Thank you for your continued patience during my absence.  I would like to explain myself, but that's a whole other blog.  Here we focus on my stomach, and how rotund she has gotten.  (We also focus on my vanity, which has fallen by the wayside.  But don't worry beauty buffs, I'll get to posting some more product reviews.)  I have happy news, I am no longer job hunting.  On to gym hunting...

I spent the last several weeks/weekends keeping my mother busy because my sister was working.  There are times in life when family needs to come together.  Not just with words, but physically together.  Its a closeness that has no replacement.  Of course, in the closeness comes the usual mother-daughter squabbles, especially since my mother and I have not been in the same city together for many, many, many years.  

Finch's was the source of one such squabble.  I took my mom because I heard the great reviews and Momma GG likes her sandwiches. I thought it would be a nice place for a mother-daughter lunch.  Could of, should of, wasn't.  You see, my mother likes familiar flavours and textures.  She likes simple basics and traditional eats.  Prosciutto and blue brie and brie and grapes are not my mom's cup of tea.  She likes chicken, tuna, roast beef, etc.  These were not on the menu.

That said, she loved the soup and for the most part, enjoyed her Prosciutto baguette.  She loved the bread more than the filling. 

Garden fresh: Generously stuffed, meticulously placed.
Personally I thought Finch was cute -- and very female oriented.  There were about six women working that counter.  

I admire that they stick to their formula - prosciutto, bries, fruit and nuts.  It's a great lunch spot.  But if they want to please Momma GG, they might want to add more sandwiches like their egg salad - just for the moms.  Well, my mom.

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