Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vancouver: Flying Pig

dance monkey, dance

If Flying Pig was Torontonian, Flying Pig would be on Ossington.  It's the place where unassuming delivers amazing.

If Flying Pig was Quebecois, it'd be in the Plateau, where it would give La Salle A Manger a run for its money.

But Flying Pig is in Vancouver.  So am I.  Good things do happen to me.

From the outside in, Flying Pig looks good.  I want to go in. And I finally got my chance this afternoon.  I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting an old friend, Totoro.  I say old in the sense that she and I have not had any face time since we were about 19?!?  That was about a thousand life lessons, a few boyfriends, a couple jobs, and about a hundred drunken nights ago.  A lot can change over time.  Except for the fact she's still a ray of sunshine.  I know, a decade older and she's still as shiny as she was then.  Me? Not so much, we Torontonians always have a little grime. 

Totoro is a Vancouverite through-and-through, after all she's been here for almost 10 years.  She just sent me a list of some of her favourites and I'm slowly going to work my way through them, especially since I was such a fan of her first pick - the Pig.

It's a casual restaurant with some of my favourite elements: solid wood tables, big mirrors, hanging lights, and a chalkboard.  It all works together to say, come in, sit down, eat.

The brunch menu had me at "Brekkie". And the caesars got me with the giant celery and mason jar:

Tangy and sharp
Our server was the perfect mix of let me serve you quietly when you two are engrossed in conversation, let me offer a few friendly comments and banter otherwise, and let me leave you alone when you're still here long after you've paid the bill.  Intuitive service - a sign of a great restaurant.

The food was really good.  Simple menu, bold flavours, and actually, understated-ly pretty:

Totoro's French Toast with Maple Blueberry Compote
Thick cut brioche, butter and blueberries
Chef Erik's Croque Madame
Sourdough, three cheese and over easy eggs
Is it just me...or is that a heart I see?  
Things to note: brioche is beautiful, my eggs were perfect, and the prices are better than decent.  

Flying Pig impressed.  I'm not impressed often, but when I am.  I have a dance party.

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