Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vancouver: La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop

:Broadway + Cambie:

Pick a door, any door.  Everyone wins at La Taqueria.

Door number 1.
Surprise. Wednesdays you buy four tacos, you get two free.

Door number 2.
Fabulously, abundantly, and flavourfully filled. Brilliant.

And finally, door number 3.
An extreme condiment and sauce selection that will knock you off your seat.  No really, “hot” sauce can do that.

I was surprised at how authentic and delicious these tacos are.  I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m so shocked considering this place is so popular, so let it be said that so far Vancouver is not meeting expectation.  The city does not follow through on the hype.  Take for instance HousexGuest (scroll down for my thoughts).

La Taqueria really reminds me of my favourite little taco stand in Cabo. Locally made soft tortillas and delightful simple flavour combinations that will blow your mind, like refried beans with mexican cheese or pork marinated in achiote chilli and pineapple. My favourite was pescado, grilled seasonal fish with pico de gallo. Good.gosh.


Braised beef cheeks
Chicken with chorizo in a chipotle tomato sauce with mexican cheese and sour cream
Four meat for $9.50 and four veggie for $7.00.  If you follow them on Twitter or check out their website they post all sorts of food cuteness - e..g say their word of the day and get a fifth taco free. 

Don’t let the awesomeness hit you on the way out.

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