Friday, January 18, 2013

Vancouver: Minami Restaurant

sushi is sexy

My sister's sweet friend, Chloe's ma, took us to Minami for a lunch treat last Friday - my last free Friday before I joined the workforce.  I love working - especially when there's so much to soak in - as Minnie and I used to say - we will forever seek to full our endless bucket of wisdom - let it floweth over.  (She may be the only person who will get a laugh out of that...IF she were to ever read my blog.)

Back to my lunch, although calling it "lunch" somehow undermines the experience because it was truly divine.

True to its location, it's swanky and tastefully designed.  I liked the peaceful simplicity to the decor and loved the outstanding service.  

Sushi art - We really do eat with our eyes...
Looks beautiful, tastes divine.
Every dish was elegantly and beautifully plated.  They were well-balanced and delicious.  The prices are on the higher end but the food lives up to it.

Spicy Kaisen Soba Pepporoncino
Sweet with a little kick and heat (jalape
ño and garlic).

Those brussel sprout chips were amazing.
The highlight of our meal was the sushi.  We  ordered several of the aburi oshi, as well as some of their other rolls:

For those who are unfamiliar with the ever-changing sushi landscape, Vancouver is a hub for innovation and inspiration in Canada.  As was evidenced in 2008 with the introduction of aburi - a flame searing technique.  The first time I saw it in Toronto was at Guu and Wow.  It adds layers of flavour to the fish, making it smoky, flame-y and really just plain sexy.  

My favourite bite of the day was the Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi.  Chloe's ma said it best - "I could just eat an entire plate of that...just that".  Hey Chloe's ma, let's.

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