Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vancouver: Peaceful Restaurant

triple d and double g
:Broadway + Cambie:

Guy Fieri has the BEST job.  Objectively speaking, I should do Guy’s job with him.  How awesome would it be to see a petite brunette Asian out-eat a platinum blonde American dude with a penchant for silver.  And I’m pretty sure I would out-eat him every time.  For those that don’t personally know me, you think I’m exaggerating; for those that know me, you KNOW I speak the truth.  My appetite knows NO bounds.

Since Guy featured Peaceful, I’m sure their business has been booming.  The power of television, the addiction of Food Network.

Momma GG saw this on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and wanted to go.  FINALLY.  A place I could take her --- willingly.  We had dinner there on Wednesday.  It was busy for 5:00, and only got busier.

I owe Sherman a huge debt.  I read his post before I went so I could familiarize myself with the restaurant’s highlights.  And the eggplant dish caught my eye.  It likely wouldn't have been on my radar.  It was superb.  I’m still reminescing.

Chilli garlic eggplant - BEST dish 
Garlicky, tangy, saucy, gingery, plain delicious with a little heat
"Peaceful beef roll" - one of the best beef pancake rolls I've had
Spicy, salty tofu
Their noodles – which they’re known for – are good. Great chew factor and nice consistency:

In soup - Sichuan beef soup noodles
Pan fried - Seafood stir-fried noodles
I did take issue with the serious lack of seafood - 
two shrimp, two octopus, and IMITATION crab meat.
No crab meat > Imitation foam
A fantastic dinner out.  Momma GG was happy.  The sister was happy, and of course I was.  Three smile meal.

Hey Guy, if you need an eating partner, call me.

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