Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vancouver: Twisted Fork

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Twisted Fork has been on my radar since my first walk down Vancouver's infamous Granville Street.  It's known for it's bright lights, concert halls/venues, family un-friendly shops, as well as it's fair share of the city's colourful.  But as I made this walk, a few restaurants stood out for one of several reasons - name, signage, menu.  For Twisted Fork, it was the name.

I remembered it and looked it up when I got home.  It was promising on all fronts - Urbanspoon, Yelp, Tripadvisor, DineHere, Zagat...and now, yours truly.

I made it to brunch last weekend with my ma and sister and it was quite the wait.  The good thing is, my mother's patience balanced my sister's angry hunger.  They gave us an estimated wait time of 45 minutes, and since they don't make calls you have one of three options.  Option 1, wait. Option 2, take a walk and come back and wait. Option 3, go somewhere else all together.

My sister took Option 2, my mom and I took Option 1.  More or less 45 minutes later we got seated and served.  Service was fast and friendly.

French press coffee equals great coffee ($3 per person), and we paired that with the scones.  As a scone lover, I did rank them.  And if you must know, they scored a 3 (1 being the day-old kind from the grocery store, 10 is of course the Windsor Arms).

The brunch plates were fabulous at an affordable price ($13.50):

Momma GG enjoyed her Spicy Italian Sausage and Poached Eggs with Ratatouille.
Her plate was finished clean.
Sister thoroughly enjoyed her Eggs Benny.
Her plate was also finished clean.
My baked eggs.  Delicious.
We all loved the baked beans.  They were full of great flavour and a side of sweetness.
Their theme is clearly translated onto each plate - simple comfort.  It's hearty, rustic brunch fare in a casual venue.  I can see why the bistro is a repeat for many, including myself.  Congratulations, Twisted Fork, you're my first official brunch find as a Vancouver citizen. 

Twisted Fork Bistro on Urbanspoon

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