Monday, January 21, 2013

Vancouver: Won More Szechuan Cuisine

won some?

I have mentioned being a fan of Sherman in earlier posts.  Now that I've really started to settle into the city, I have more reason to consult his blog.  My sister has since followed suit.  We like Sherman because so far, we have agreed with him.  Our baseline is: if he likes it, we will try it.

A few weeks ago I wanted quick Chinese take out.  Sorry, that's not true -- my regular readers know I'm not a big fan of Chinese food -- my mother wanted Chinese take out.  I looked for a restaurant in the area and found Won More.  The name is cringeworthy, but Sherman likes it.  So I went and picked up the shrimp foo young and fried rice.  We liked it.

A week later, I wanted Chinese delivery.  Did it again, sorry -- my sister wanted Chinese delivery.  I suggested Won More and she liked it too.

It's good.  It's not as greasy (I say as, because by nature Chinese food is greasy.  Sidebar: every wonder why you crave pop when you have dim sum, Chinese, or pizza, well it's your body screaming for some carbonation to cut through the grease).  Fat aside, Won More is exactly what I want in Chinese - cheap, good, plentiful.

It's good.  I'd won some more.

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