Sunday, January 27, 2013

Youth Mud by GLAMGLOW

now pamper me pretty
I'm here, and I'm listening.  My beauty posts have been MIA.  I haven't been buying products of late.  Having been unemployed doesn't bode well for shopping.  Now that I'm working, things will slowly resume.  

:Pricey at $69:

I did get a chance to visit the local Sephora here and GLAMGLOW Youth Mud caught my eye.  It's new and pricey, but  impressive enough to try.  It's black and gooey and easy to apply.  

10 minutes to dry, leaving your face really, really tight but washes away leaving your skin noticeably glowing.  There are way too many ingredients to name, but here are a few: french sea clay to absorb impurities, volcanic pumice rock to exfoliate, and green tea leaf pieces that deliver super antioxidants.

It's a lot in a little jar.

I'm a big fan of french sea clay, remember this. So why would I pay more for GLAMGLOW? Simple, with continued use it will deliver crazy gorgeous skin.  The people in Hollywood say so.  It's used in some of the best hotel spas in the country, like Bliss, St. Regis and the Four Seasons.  Is it all marketing?  Perhaps, but I used it. So I believe.

Like it.

There. Finally, a beauty post.  You happy now?  The next few posts will be focused on my search for a solid mani-pedi place.  There is no Beauty Line in Vancouver.

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