Sunday, February 3, 2013

Toronto: Marben

make use of the space
I used to go to Marben a lot.  I think about five years ago.  Then it got bad and I stopped.

It started up again.  Same space, new people, new menu, different food.

While in Toronto, Double J suggested we meet there.  I went with no expectations.  The hostess was sweet, and the restaurant looked just as I remembered.  Dim, candlelight, sort of rustic-chic, and busy.

I heard their burger was phenomenal.  It was.  But it was small.  LIterally the size of my fist.  I need a bigger burger.

It was a great night out and we three liked our food.  The only criticism would be the portions, not obnoxiously small, but just shy of being the perfect size.  Not sure which aggravates me more.

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