Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vancouver: 49th Parallel + Lucky's Doughnuts

context can mean everything
:Main Street:

49th Parallel is pretty awesome.  The coffee shop that is.  I loved the vibe and the ambiance.  It's perfect for a catch up cappuccino with your girls, a quick coffee run with your sister, an afternoon tea with your mom, a solo chill out with a doughnut and a book, and even an awkward date latte with some guy your friends want you to meet.  It's  the perfect urban oasis for anything - good or bad.

The coffee is just okay.  It's how you get it that sells here.

Coffee + Doughnut = $4

49th also has doughnuts:

So I had my second Lucky's doughnut. If you're wondering why you're just hearing about 

it now it's because I took a bite and threw it out.

It was my birthday. My sister knows I am a doughnut monster.  

It was a terrible birthday present.

This time I ate it all, but as a doughnut connoisseur (which I TOTALLY am), I found it umimpressive.  Fancy flavours, unique looking, smells amazing, but tastes alright. It's disappointing in the grand scheme of things. Doughnuts are my everything so I keep hearing I should go to Cartems.  My people are convinced it won't let me down.  Let's hope so. I don't want to face another bad doughnut.

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