Monday, February 25, 2013

Vancouver: Cartems Donuterie

i think i'm in love

Sunshine! That's what I woke up to yesterday. Beautiful days in Vancouver make me forget Toronto for a minute.

To make up for the doughnut fail that was my birthday, my sister took me to Cartems yesterday. (Note: Their website reminds me of Doughnut Plant's old site.) 

Cartems is on a terrible corner.  I mean really. The location alone limits when you might make the trek there. For me, it would be between 10 am and 3 pm. That is my universal safety zone for sketchy hoods.

We got there at 1 pm, and the two doughnuts I wanted to try were sold out: the earl gray and the maple bacon.

So we settled on vanilla bean:

sweet vanilla glaze, fluffy and airy texture and DELICIOUS
and citrus glaze:

light cake-like texture, citrus glaze and DELICIOUS
My sister got a bite of each and then I ate them both. I f*cking love doughnuts.  There is no classy way to say that. 

Cartems is by far the best I ever ate in Vancity.

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